Leon Altman, Content, Copy and Conversion ExpertLeon Altman
Content, Copy and Conversion Expert

"If it doesn't stick, it doesn't exist!"

You can spend a lot of time and money on content and copy. But the hard reality is – if it doesn't stick, it doesn't exist. If the words, ideas, and message don't stick with your audience...if they don't make a lasting impact and lead prospects to take action – your work is gone...

Gone with the wind! A waste of time and money.

Entrepreneurs are often stunned at how much content and sales copy are needed to grow their business and how hard it is to get quality work. While it can be a pain in the butt (and wallet). . . .

. . . . the very success of your business is riding on your content and copy.

High quality content and (especially) sales copy are expensive. So entrepreneurs are often left in the lurch scrounging for third world content and cheap sales copy from someone who claims he's read all the copywriting books and studied under the "gurus".

Not any more!

My name is Leon Altman, and I've created a groups of affordable programs that will enable entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants to get top notch content that develops authority and leads, AND sales copy that converts and SELLS.

All together these programs constitute a roadmap from content to clients and customers.

I’ve been providing both copy and content to companies, agencies, and direct response publishers for many years. First as a copywriter and creative director for top agencies, such as Wunderman; Young&Rubicam, BBDO, and DDB Needham, and as a creative director for dotcoms like thestreet.com.

My copywriting has helped big companies, such as, IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Time Magazine, Pfizer, Apple, Autodesk, McKesson, Barclays, and Citibank, as well as many small companies and entrepreneurs.

My practice of sticky content and sticky sales copy works time and time again, so they keep coming back for more.

In fact, a multi-layered campaign I did for IBM's Medical Practice Consulting Unit is a featured case study in the text book "Integrated Direct Marketing, published by Wiley Press.

I helped a publishing entrepreneur grow a publishing empire, sell it, then build his own California winery, then launch another publishing empire, and start a global philanthropy. He says my copywriting, advice, and marketing guidance were a vital part of his success:

"I've worked with Leon Altman for many years. He helped me build my successful publications from the ground up. His marketing programs, sales letters, and ideas were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

- Gordon Holmes,
Founder, Buyside Magazine
Lookout Ridge Winery and Wine for Wheelchairs Foundation

Ed Forteau has coached hundreds of small businesses over the years. Here’s why he turns to me for advice:

"Not only is Leon a great copywriter–he’s also a topnotch marketing strategist. He can spot any weaknesses in copy as well as in marketing funnels, strategy, or overall direction. His coaching, critiques and recommendations are worth gold. I’ve been in this business for a long time and have coached hundreds of small businesses. Leon is the first person I turn to for marketing advice."

- Ed Forteau,
CEO, Effortless Enrollment

To see more testimonials from entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, click testimonials.

And my content has attracted lots of business both for my clients and myself. Here's a guest post of mine on Marketingprofs that keeps bringing in a flood of clients.

Using content and copy that sticks makes doing business so much easier, so much more fun and, of course, way more profitable! And I want to bring these kinds of results to entrepreneurs like you.

Not all programs are available at the same time. Take a look and let me know which program(s) interest you. I'll get back to you with details and let you know when they are available. And just to thank you for letting me know what interests you, I will also send you a copy of my Sticky Content Cheat Sheet.

The Following Programs Provide You with the Roadmap
to go from Content to Clients and Customers


I talk a lot about Sticky Content. Mainly because it's the only kind worth doing. When you make your content sticky, you'll spend less time on marketing and get more leads, visibility, and authority out of each piece of content. I'll show you how to do it in this special course. . . .


How to keep your audience glued to your content

This home studywill show you how to make your content stick, stand out, and spread so prospects spend more time and give more attention to your message.

  • Learn the key elements that make your content stick and stand out from the mass of content out there
  • Find out the most powerful sticky content structures and templates that make impactful content easier to create
  • Learn the art of story-selling - the stickiest element of all
  • How to use sticky metaphors to make your message memorable

There are many different kinds of content you can create. But if I had to pick one type to start off with because it will give you the most impact...while building your authority and attracting leads, it is Special Reports- and related documents like Guides, Assessments, and Cheat Sheets. This can be the foundation of a content platform for a 6,7, and even 8 figure business.


With 1 to 1 personal coaching, I will help you develop simple special reports and guides that can help catapult you to 6-8 figure income. My Critique and Tweak method will give you faster and better results.

Become a known authority, and attract and engage your ideal clients with high-leverage Special Reports, Guides, Assessments, and Cheat Sheets. They build your brand, establish authority, bring in tons of leads, and make a splash in your niche. That's just for starters.

We will work together so you will create at least one big idea special report to establish yourself as an authority brand and entice a rush of target prospects to sign up for your list. Plus I'll show you a system for how to use your report to attract prospects.

  • Ken Fisher built a multi-billion dollar money management empire on special reports.
  • Rich Schefren built a multi-million dollar consulting and coaching empire on special reports.
  • Dan Kennedy uses many special reports as a foundation of his vast information marketing business
  • Ryan Deiss says Special Reports are the most important part of his $30 million/year marketing funnel

Start building your empire with Special Reports.

Content marketing can seem overwhelming to many entrepreneurs. Here are clear, step-by-step blueprints to show you to make each piece of content pay off many times over.

Blogging is command central of content marketing. But most entrepreneurs struggle with their blog. They don't get results so they resort to half-hearted attempts. Or they follow old advice and buy bulk articles. That will actually do more harm than good. So I developed a coaching program to help you make every blog post count.

STICKY BLOG POST Personal Workshop

How to write blog posts that people want to read from beginning to end so they're eager to find out more about you and what you offer. With my 1-to-1 Critique and Tweak personal coaching method, you'll be creating blog posts that make waves in your niche.

  • Which headlines work best.
  • What blog post structures get more engagement.
  • How best to use multimedia blog posts.
  • Use my blog post templates to make blogging easier.

By the end of this personal workshop, you will have a treasure trove of blog posts that stick and stand out so you attract the clients and customers you want.


Your business will produce a lot of words to communicate your products and services. However, these few words will have the biggest pay-off of all:


Headlines, Subheads, and Bullets That Sell

They may be just a few words- but they may be the most important words in your business. In fact, the right headlines, subheads, and bullets can help you sell far more products and services than you can imagine. I'll show you how to make these words pay off:

  • Get sample headline, subhead, and bullet templates and commentary on their underlying structure, so you know how and why they work.
  • Get headlines that hook your readers so they feel compelled to read further.
  • Fill in the blanks templates so you can easily customize headlines, subheads, and bullets for your own purposes.
  • Subheads and bullets points are the sticky elements that keep your readers engaged. Find out how to make them work for you.

With my Critique and Tweak coaching, you'll soon be writing words that will boost sales of all your products and services.

Get good at the craft of responsive email writing and watch your business skyrocket.


Email is the workhorse of your business. When done right email keeps prospects engaged, it pre-sells and sells. But email writing requires a special touch. With my 1 to 1 Critique and Tweak coaching, you'll soon have that valuable email touch:

  • How to write emails that grab attention and keep it
  • How develop reader rapport in emails so prospects get to know like and trust you
  • How to use cliffhangers so readers are eager to read your entire email
  • How to use email sequences, including after sign-up as well as product launch sequences, to build anticipation for your products
  • How to integrate autoresponder series with broadcasts and email newsletters to multiply the power of your email campaign

Entrepreneurs new to product launches are stunned to learn how much copy is needed for a launch. And how much is riding on the quality of the copy. But getting all that quality copy can be really expensive. Here's another way . . .

(1 to 1 Critique and Tweak)

Feel overwhelmed by all the copy that needs to be written for your product launch?

Can't afford a top level copy writer to do it for you? Then my Product Launch Critique and Tweak Copy Coaching is for you. Here's how it works:

  • I'll provide you with templates and blueprints for launch copy, emails, landing pages, sales pages.
  • Write your drafts of each element and send them to me.
  • I will analyze and critique your drafts.
  • We schedule a critique and tweak session. I'll show you what works, what doesn't, and recommend changes. (You're welcome to record the call).
  • Make your changes and send them back to me.
  • I will review your tweaks and may suggest additional revisions.

So you get my personal guidance in creating all the product launch copy you need.

In the end, it all comes down to your sales page (text or video). If you haven't used a top copywriter to write it, here's how you can have a top copywriter help make it better.

(1 on 1 Critique and Tweak)

Does your salespage have a big idea? Does it flow? Is it compelling? Does it build a convincing case? Will it sell?

You're about to drive prospects to your sales letter or sales letter video. A lot is riding on it! And if you haven't used a top copywriter to write, it maybe you should have a top copywriter help make it better. I will use my special Critique and Tweak method to make it much stronger. Here's how:

  • I'll provide you with templates and blueprints for a sales letter or sales letter video
  • Write your draft and send it to me.
  • I will analyze it and critique it
  • We schedule a critique and tweak session. I'll show you what works, what doesn't, and recommend changes.
  • Make your changes
  • I will review your tweaks and may suggest additional revisions.


OK, you just want someone else to create your content. But if you use a done-for-you service, please make sure your content sticks, spreads, and sells. Here's how. . . .

Done for you: Sticky Content Creation

This process starts with a questionnaire, so we can develop a sticky content platform. This will guide us in creating content that sticks, spreads, and sells.

Content is created by my team of sticky content trained writers. All supervised by me. Includes a wide range of content:

  • Special Reports
  • Blog post and article packages
  • Content videos
  • Newsletters
  • Teleseminar and webinar scripts
  • Memes (images with titles and captions)

I've developed a way to offer high-quality quality Done for You sales copy at an affordable price. I have a special team and I copy-chief all projects. (For those who are ready, you can check my availability to write your sales copy.)

Done for you: Sticky Sales Copy

Includes working with you to create a sticky copy platform to find the stories, hooks and messaging, and then we do the actual writing.

  • Sales letters and sales videos
  • Squeeze pages
  • Email

1) Done by my team of sticky sales copy pros. All guided by me. And I copy chief the projects. Work done at less than half the cost it would take to hire me.
2) Written by me. Very limited availability and my fees are much higher.



Private membership group where people can submit whatever copy or content they like for feedback. Headlines, subheads, bullets, blog posts, titles, newsletter articles, social media posts, sales letter leads, videos, emails, sale letters, and sales videos.

Get critiques and recommended tweaks from the group. Find out what people respond to before you commit tons of time and money and effort.

How Can I Best Serve You?

I know, there are a lot of choices, but right now I just want to find out which program or programs most interest you. Which ones help you solve an immediate need?

So just click the check box of the titles of the programs that interest you. It doesn't mean you are committing to anything. It just lets me know how I can best serve you.

And when you fill this out, I'll also send you a copy of my Sticky Content Cheat Sheet.

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