How to Create Content that Sticks and Brands You as an Expert

3 keys to creating content that sticks, stands out and spreads

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Webinar Host Leon Altman

Leon Altman has been copywriter and creative director at premier agencies, such as Young&Rubicam, BBDO, Wunderman, and DDB/Needham.

He has created a wide variety of highly successful content marketing campaigns for companies such as Citicorp, IBM, Apple, Barclays, Ameriprise Financial, Coldwell Banker, Autodesk, Johnson&Johnson, McKesson, Novartis and Glaxco Smith Kline, as well as for hundreds of small and medium size businesses.

Compelling Content can brand you as an expert, attract prospects, build trust, credibiity . But it will only waste your time and money unless it sticks and makes an impact. 

This webinar will show you 3 keys to make your content stick. 

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