“Commissions that Stick” Super JV Program (Invitation Only)

“Commissions that stick” is not just a catchy slogan. It accurately describes this unique program based on the theme of Sticky Content and Copywriting. Content marketing is the hottest online marketing topic today and these programs connect the dots from content to conversion.

What you’ll find is an interrelated suite of products. Your commissions stick (are cookied) with you no matter where your referrals enter or how they move through the product suite.

There is a low cost gateway product. Highly affordable and very valuable: The Sticky Content Creation Crash Course reveals the principles that make any kind of content sticky. The other products are more specific and expand on these principles: Sticky Reports, Blogs, Emails, etc. Some products are geared toward people facing difficult tasks. e.g. someone doing a product launch will be interested in the Product Launch Critique and Tweak copy product.

The Sticky Content Creation Crash Course is an info-product. For now, all the other programs are 1 to 1 coaching programs. (Group coaching programs will be phased in for all the products). See the current product lineup here: StickyContentandCopy.com

Commissions for Super JVs- Invitation Only. Commissions for the entire product suite are all cookied and ongoing for those who sign up for the program before May 15, 2014. Afterwards JV commissions will be applied one product at a time (including upsells).

Here is Super JV commission structure:

  • Stick Content Creation Crash Course:$297 – 75% commission
  • Specific Content/Copy courses, e.g. Reports that Rock, Sticky Blog Posts, etc. Right now each is one to one coaching (2 coaching calls per month plus email access) – $800/ month. 35% commission
  • Product Launch Critique and Tweak (one-to-one $1800 with 40% commission)
  • Squeeze Page and Sales Page Critique and Tweak ( $1200 with 40% commission)
  • Content and Copy VIP Coaching program ( $800/month with 35% commission )
  • Done for you Copy or Content – (projects generally run from $2,000-$12,000) 25% commission

Quick example based on modest number of referrals

  • 8 referrals buy the Crash Course and upsell – $297 – Commissions = $1784
  • 6 people get one of the coaching programs ($800/month) and stay for 3 months. Commissions = $5,040
  • 4 buy Product Launch Critique and Tweak – Commissions = $2880
  • 3 buy Squeeze Page and Sales Page Critique and Tweak – Commissions = $1440
  • 1 buys a Done For You product at $4,000 – Commissions = $1,000
    Total Commissions = $12,144

(Note: When one-to-one coaching programs are full and/or a group coaching program is phased in, I will alert you. JV/affil program/tracking handled through 1ShoppingCart )