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Content creation and marketing can be very challenging. But it can be made a lot easier and more effective with smart planning. There are three things in particular that will give you more control over your content marketing campaigns.

1)   Keep Your  Keyword list up-to-date

A well-researched key word list should be done before even starting any content marketing campaign…and it needs to be constantly reviewed and updated  because things change so rapidly these days. Keywords that are currently trending and relevant to your business will often be the most searched by your prime prospects. Being up to date on your keywords will give your content a better chance of being discovered by the audience you want.

2)   All successful publishers use editorial calendars…so should you
You’ve heard that today every company needs to act like a publishing company publish (or more accurately a media company). So take a cue from publishing companies. They all use editorial calendars.

Editorial calendars  are essential for planning quality content, working with writers and other content creators, monitoring progress, and making sure content development is on schedule.

And today with so many content repurposing opportunities available, an editorial calendar is even more necessary. If an article is to be turned into a video, or a white paper is to be divided into articles, or a report into a slide show,  it all needs to be scheduled and organized. These days  your editorial calendar also needs to include a schedule for repurposed content.

3) Content distribution plan

Back when content distribution was simpler, it could probably be included in the editorial calendar. With the proliferation of social media opportunities, content distribution has gotten more complex and needs its own calendar.

When do tweets go out? What about Facebook and  Google plus posts. What about posting in LinkedIn groups?

While there is software that can automatically post content to each network, it won’t work as well as customizing content for different networks. A LinkedIn group discussion has a different context and mindset than Twitter for Facebook conversations. Content should be reworked for each social network. So who is going to do that and when?

In addition, landing pages and autoresponders need to be in place before content is distributed in social media. After all, driving people to landing pages is the main way your campaign will succeed.

Having keywords, an editorial calendar and distribution calendar in place will help you run a more efficient and effective content marketing campaign.

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