How to hook up with big joint venture partners before it’s too late

Last summer I was on a train to the Jersey Shore and decided to listen to a teleseminar/webinar on my smartphone. It was about joint ventures. I was doing fine with SEO and other methods but hadn’t really used joint ventures. I knew they would be pitching some club at some point. I just wanted […]

Turning eye-glazing slides into a kick-butt Slideshare presentation

  Slide presentations are one of the staples of content marketing and can be as effective and persuasive as any marketing venue. With Slideshare your presentations also get a big viral boost with social sharing. However, many fail to take full advantage of Slideshare’s potential, producing eye-glazing slides more sleep-inducing than mega doses of Ambien. […]

Want your content marketing campaign to run smoothly?

  Content creation and marketing can be very challenging. But it can be made a lot easier and more effective with smart planning. There are three things in particular that will give you more control over your content marketing campaigns. 1)   Keep Your  Keyword list up-to-date A well-researched key word list should be done before […]

How many words per day should you publish for effective content marketing?

Most marketers agree that creating compelling content that engages prospects and inspires them to share the content is one of the most effective marketing strategies working today. But how much content is needed to be effective? How many words per day does it take? Content marketer Mike Sobol puts a number on it. He says […]

Can Twitter save us from the fiscal cliff?

Twitter has good deal of battle experience, having been instrumental in revolutions and wars throughout the Middle East. Can it also be intstrumental in the legistlative battle  over the fiscal cliff? President Obama seems to think so. He is urging the American public to make use of social media  to pressure Congress. In particular the White […]

The Google Penguin Effect on SEO Content

The Google Pengin update is just further prrof that Google wants to reward high quality content and demote sites that employ SEO chicanery or even just “unnecessary manipulation.”  A quote from Google’s statement about the update is very telling. “Sites affected by this change might not be easily recognizable as spamming without deep analysis or […]

Key Elements to Write a Story that Sticks in the Minds of Your Prospects

Stories can be injected into just about any content to make it more compelling and intriguing. The story might just be couple of sentences o make a point more colorful. Or the entire article. Might be focused on a narrative. So what are the elements of a sticky story? A good plot is the primary […]

Your Headlines Need to Be Sticky

If your headline doesn’t grab your reader and compel him to read further- all is lost. For that reason the headline is, and always will be, the most important part of your content. (With the lead- the first 100 words or so after the headline – closely behind in importance.) For those who think that […]

6 steps to develop a white paper needs assessment platform

Needs assessment research is a crucial step to complete before writing a white paper. It will enable your writer to better focus and execute exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. It can also head off many problems that can occur later on in the development of the white paper. Here are the main steps to […]