How much more quality content could you create if you had the advice and guidance of a proven writer, editor and creative director?

Whether you’re creating it yourself or outsourcing part or all of it, I can help you create quality content that gets shared, increases your authority and drives traffic to your webpages.

I’ve been creating special reports, web content, articles, eBooks, videos, scripts, courses, workbooks for decades. Clients have ranged from big corporations like Citibank  and IBM to many online businesses.

And in all that time I discovered there is know is one thing that can make sure content is high quality content and produced on schedule…


Feedback from a proven source you can trust. . . . Feedback at the planning and content strategy stage as well as throughout the development phase.

So I’ve created a service that provides you with the feedback that will make your content stronger, avoid wasteful detours and keep the project on track till completion.

You can choose to get feedback on a wide range of content projects, such as an ebook, special report, white paper, video, course, webinar, slide show, etc.

Here’s how it works.

  1. You send me a feedback request.
  2. I’ll ask you for some inform oration on the project, as well as on your company, business.
  3. After I get the info back and can form a copy brief. I’ll go over the task. then I’ll write my feedback. I may add audio or video if I think it will be helpful.
  4. I’ll email you my feedback report.

It’s as simple as that.


How long does it take to get back your feedback?

Generally  within a couple of days.

If you send your request on Monday, you will get feedback the same week.

How much does it cost?


One issue per feedback request. Some examples

  • a rough draft of a special report or a white paper.
  • An idea and outline for a book.
  • Rough draft of a chapter
  • Plan for a workbook or course
  • Rough draft of a script for an explainer video
  • Draft of an important article, e.g. a guest post.
  • Rough draft of a content marketing strategy.
  • Plan for a series of videos-

Note: this service is not line by line editing or writing original  script. But feedback. Feedback and possible suggestions for improvement.
(If you want me to develop a content strategy let me know- that is a different kind of project)


You can order multiple feedbacks . And you can get a discount for multiple orders. Here’s how.

After 6 feedbacks, you get a 10% discount on every subsequent order.


If I feeI the task requires  more than one feedback I’ll email you and suggest adding another feedback unit.

If you’re a business owner or marketing exec or entrepreneur  you may want to rely on me for ongoing feedback as you roll out your content.

This feedback program is flexible and can be tailored for your needs. And since content is the strategy that is most effective today I believe stronger content can propel your business forward.