WARNING: To Entrepreneurs
Is All the Content You Are Creating
a Waste of Time, Money and Effort?

In the deluge of content that is created everyday only “the Sticky” Survive

Leon Altman

Leon Altman
Content, Copy and Conversion Expert

Entrepreneurs – as well as all marketers – have been told that content marketing is the way to get through to people today – to win their trust and get them to buy.

Well that’s true. The problem is now in every niche there is a ton of content published every day. So your audience filters out most of it.

You’ve got maybe a second to get their attention. And then you can lose it at any moment if it doesn’t engage and hold their attention.

So very little content sticks and makes an impact with your prospects. The ones that do have the opportunity to win trust, earn respect and gain a sales

So what’s the secret to making your content stick?

That’s what my course is about. It gathers scientific information from Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as my experience of 30 years creating content and copy for a wide range of clients.

I’ve gathered the information and put together the ultimate crash course to learn how to make your content sticky. Here’s what you’ll learn.


  • Why sticky content is vital to your success

Module 1: Sticky content priniciples

  • How to tell if your content sticks
  • Ways to make your content sticky

Including research from Stanford University and University of Penn

Module 2: Templates ands structures that stick

  • Following proven templates and structures make it easy to organize and create content that will stick. These templates will show you how to frame your content so it makes a stronger and lasting impact with your prospects.
  • Action steps to so you are able to start using templates and structures for your own content.

Module 3: Story Selling (special 3-part series)

  • Why stories work so well
  • Clearing up the misperception of the “origin” story
  • How having a story palette will enable you to paint a brighter, memorable picture of your brand, your product and your services
  • Where to find great stories to use
  • How I’ve used stories to help my clients business grow
  • Templates for stories you can use to inspire prospects to work with you
  • Action steps so you can start using stories to make your business memorable
  • The story telling formula that's worked for thousands of years . . . and continues to work like gangbusters today!

Module 4: Using metaphors to Make Your Content Stick

  • Why using the right metaphor can turn your content from boring to brilliant
  • Examples of how metaphors were used to make content very sticky
  • Examples of how I’ve used metaphors to make my content sticky
  • Wondering how to find and apply the right metaphors for your content? I’ll tell you the secret to finding never-ending sources of the right metaphors for your busines
  • Action steps to drive home the lessons of using metaphors

This course is focused on being practical for you. Examples, templates, formulas and actions steps will give you a great handle on how to make all of your content sticky.

Surprise Bonus Choice: Choose either of these 2 great bonuses.

  • Get a half hour one on one consultation with me. Ask any content creation questions and let’s discuss how yo are going to make an impact with your content.
  • Get a critique and tweak. My method for helping entrepreneurs has proven extremely effective at improving results. Send me some an example of a story, metaphor or structure you’ve used for one of your content pieces. I’ll analyze and set you my critique and suggested tweaks.

Creating sticky content for your buisness is one of the most valuable things you can to build authority, attract customers and get more sales! This unique course is normally priced at $497.

Right now, you get the entire course plus a choice of the 2 great bonuses for only $297. Don’t miss this opportunity. Order now and you’ll get immediate access.

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The bonuses alone are worth far more than the cost of the course. Here’s why:

In my 30 years of experience as a copywriter, creative director and marketing consultant I’ve been well-known for my ability to make content and copy better. A lot better. The result is companies and entrepreneurs receive far greater ROI and profits.

My happy clients have included companies like IBM Johnson&Johnson, and Citibank as well as many entrepreneurs and smal lbjuisnsses.

Here’s a small sample of what some people have to say about what my critiques, tweaks and advice has meant to their business.

We received more qualified inquiries for this initial phase than we had projected for the entire pilot with an increase in leads of more than 442%

Curt Gillespie, Former Executive Director, IBM Medical Consulting Division

Leon is an expert and my ace-in-the-hole when it comes to creating dynamic marketing copy for my clients evergreen information products.

Recently a client – a newbie to online marketing – had a high conversion rate (equal to what the pros typically get). We attribute this success to Leon. Great results and great to work with – truly, a win-win for everyone involved.

Terra Farrar Terra Farrar
Founder of the Dream Launch Academy,


Leon’s laser focus gave me something that I am going to be able to use as the opening line for my three Speaking engagements this week AND will transform our new website to really pop. Thank you Leon. I am feeling very fortunate today as a result of connecting with you.

Jan Stringer Jan Stringer
Founder Attracting Perfect Customers,

Simply put, Leon is one of the best copywriters and marketing strategists I know. I’ve worked with him for over 15 years and it has always been both profitable and pleasurable.

Whitney Vosburgh Whitney Vosburgh
Currently interim CMO for Health Mart division
of McKesson Founder, Whitney&Co Consulting,
clients have included Autodesk software,
quote.com, Kaiser Permanente, Checkpoint software,
Siemens Medical

Not only is Leon a great copywriter–he’s also a topnotch marketing strategist. He can spot any weaknesses in copy as well as in marketing funnels , strategy or overall direction. His coaching, critiques and recommendations are worth gold. I’ve been in this business for a long time and have coached hundreds of small businesses. Leon is the first person I turn to for marketing advice . . . .

My conversion rate was around 30% for webinar registrations (the people who hit the webinar registration page registered).

Made the changes you recommended. My conversion rage after the changes 81.8% Wow! Wow! WOW! THANK YOU!!!

Ed Forteau CEO Ed Forteau CEO
Effortless Enrollment

Leon, thank you so much for your critique on my Opt-in Page.

Within minutes you provided HUGE value. Your insight and suggestions were brilliant.

Heather Cameron Heather Cameron
President, Horizon Performance Insights,

I’ve worked with Leon Altman for many years. He helped me build my successful publications from the ground up. His marketing programs, sales letters and ideas were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he’s the person to go to.

Gordon Holmes, Founder, Buyside Magazine StreetwiseReports.com, Lookout Ridge Winery and Wine for Wheelchairs Foundation

Leon is terrific at recognizing what is necessary to create excellent content. But he doesn’t stop there. He connects the dots that many bloggers miss – making content pay off! Leon is the best copywriter I’ve ever met, and I have been lucky enough to work with him on several projects over the years. He’s a genius at ascertaining client needs, including those I didn’t even know we had. He makes a difference in our business, which has paid off in a variety of ways. Highly recommended.

Dr. Jessie Voigts Dr. Jessie Voigts
Publisher, Wandering Educators,
Founder of Family Travel Bloggers Association,

The Sticky Content Creation Crash Course will enable you to receive all the benefits that successful content marketing brings, including:

  • Attract and keep the attention of your ideal prospects.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Pre-sell your products and services which is the key to getting sales results today.
  • Your content will more likely be shared in social media spreading the word about you and products and services.
  • You will be more visible in the search engines.
  • All the activity generated by your sticky content activity will build your brand.

Get the Crash Course today to start receiving these benefits and to take advantage of the 2 bonuses which will be available for only a limited time.


Leon Altman

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